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Swirl 'N Twirl Spin Mop with Foot Pump

Swirl 'N Twirl Spin Mop with Foot Pump

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Availability: In stock
$33.00 Our Price $120.00 Retail

Availability: In stock

$33.00 Our Price $120.00 Retail
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Product Details:

The Swirl 'N Twirl Spin Mop reaches and cleans narrow place that other can never or hard to reach such as between refrigerator and wall, washer and wall, window, blind, bathroom ceiling, wall and so on!! It also can be used as dust remover when it's dry. You can clean TV, computer, monitor and furniture! Not only that, you can wash your car as well! over 8,000 micro fiber strands doesn't scratch your car surface!



  • Perfect Mop and Bucket Combo... Microfiber special intersecting strands that can be used wet or dry
  • Amount of wetness/dryness is completely adjustable
  • Use on any hard surface with water or your favorite cleaning solution without scratching
  • Foot Pump controls speed of spin on the spin bucket
  • Super force-saving, time-saving, more power efficient
  • Length of the mop handle - Four foot
  • Interior dimension of the non-spin side of the bucket - 9 1/2 by 7 1/2 by 9 inches deep
  • Change out the mop head - Push it in to load and step on it to remove
  • Comes with two extra mop heads, one wet, the other one dry.
  • Heads are designed to be easily attached and removed from the handle without hands ever touching the dirty mop.
  • Blue color


Use Steps:

1) Leave the mop head into the spin bucket then press heavily onto the bucket

2) Stay in the vertical position and hold hand smoothly when squeezing

3) Place the foot on the foot pump and begin to pump slowly and then gradually increase speed to wring out mop head to the desired dryness. Do not touch the spinner (inside the bucket) while spinning.


Replace Steps:

1) To replace the round cloth disk, hold the steel pole with one hand, and step on the plastic accessory of the round cloth disk (do not step on the joint between the steel pole and the disk), then pull up the steel pole.

2) Attach the round cloth disk to the steel pole. Look for the groove and push it down

3) Now it is assembled and ready to use

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